+++ More than 10 years
Blood, Sweatshirts
& Tears +++
From the beginning Strict Textildruck GmbH printed one thing in particular in the heart of Kreuzberg, Berlin. T-shirts! Preferably in black and in sizes small to extra large. To this day, nothing much has changed. T-shirts have risen to cult status and this simple garment has become the most important advertising medium of the music industry.

With increasing demand, the diversity of merchandise, requests, and suppliers has changed. New challenges, accumulated experience, and our own quality standards have allowed our product line and the variety of options to grow exponentially in the last several years. We offer you an overview of our product range below:
T-Shirt / Girlie Shirt
The classic. With the rise of film stars Marlon Brando and James Dean; blue jeans, leather jackets, and the white T-shirt became a symbol of rebellious youth culture in the 1950s. By the 70s, mass produced T-shirts were a favored medium for political messages, and for the first time as advertising media for rock and pop bands.

What was once offered in a standard cut equally for men and women is today nowhere near as basic. The selection now seems to be unending and with the growing global markets we are no longer limited to the classic US model. Numerous styles available for women, men and children often make the choice difficult when browsing a catalogue or website.

Upon request, Strict delivers a broad range of suppliers but primarily concentrates on a select circle of partners and manufacturers. We conscientiously consider your requests, ideas, and needs when choosing the right items. The cut, weight, processing, material composition, and options for future finishing need to be in proper accord with the price-performance ratio. Due to years of experience and regular product training our team can advise you accordingly.

Firmly anchored in our self-image and our company philosophy are the basic concepts of a fair market economy and trust in sustainable products. We prefer to work with partners who share our beliefs and are enthusiastic about Fair Trade and organic raw materials. The European suppliers Continental Clothing (UK), Stanley/Stella (BEL), Sol’s (FR), and Prairie (IRL), are among our preferred textile suppliers.
The Strict Shirt
In 2016, we designed for the first time a t-shirt according to our vision. The ST001 – made from 100% cotton jersey and with an inner neck strip of a contrasting color, is produced for us in Turkey and has a grammage of 165g/square meter. It is available in black and white in the sizes S-XXL. Due to the particularly soft surface of the ST001 shirt, we achieve the greatest possible printing results. Truly unparalleled quality for photorealistic prints! You can get product samples from us upon request. Our warehouse is well stocked!
Hoodie / Zipper / Sweater
The roots of the hoodie go back to traditional monastic dress. Robin Hood famously wore a tunic of the pre-modern period, which he kept under his warming hood according to English legends during wind and stormy weather in Sherwood Forest. The hoodie as we know it was developed in the 1930s for athletes who had to protect themselves from cooling down during their training periods. Over time this practical pullover found its way to the street and, thanks to hip-hop, also moved into the fashion world as a staple of stylish youth culture in the 20th century. This dress code has now found it’s way into the boardrooms of billion dollar enterprises in the 21st century. Today, successful entrepreneurs are establishing the hoodie as a contemporary signal of identity in the business sector.

The variations in which hoodies are offered today seem unlimited, and our finishing options for advertising media have grown enormously. Examples include the zip-up hoodie, classic kangaroo-style front pocket, pockets sewn on the side or perhaps none at all. From athletic lightweight material to a fleecy oversized material. Printed on the hood, front pocket, sleeves, or with print on the inner neck strip, this classic is available at Strict and its partners in all variations and colors.
Jackets / Windbreakers
When the summer and fall season ends, printed band shirts and hoodies disappear from the cityscape. They give way to heavy winter coats and water-resistant work clothes. For a long time, finishing polyester and soft shell material with classic screen-printing was difficult to impossible. However, the demand for printed employee or crew jackets has never been greater than now for the cold season. For many of our customers, identifying with their company or group membership with the crew of a band is important during winter as well.

In line with demand, we have invested considerable effort, sampling and testing time and again until we can now achieve what seemed impossible in the past. Double-layered windbreakers made of 100% polyester, such as bomber jackets or worker jackets, can likewise be finished thanks to high-quality screen-printing transfers without the color of the polyester fibers leaving their trace in the printed image. A multi-color screen-printing transfer also holds on soft shell without destroying the water-resistant material. Upon request, we will advise you about what is possible and practicable, search for the right alternative, and find satisfactory solutions together.
Shorts / Jogging Pants / Hotpants
“Eat My Shorts” (quote: Bart Simpson) was certainly not on the mind of the Royal Navy when they first conceptualized shorts for deployments in tropical areas and desert regions for their ground forces at the beginning of the 19th century. So-called Bermuda shorts quickly become popular with the locals of those British overseas territories and thus began a victory march around the world. Whether as children’s wear, youth wear, or leisurewear, we can no longer imagine not having shorts in our wardrobe. From the beginning of the 70s athletic pants – short or long – worn by famous athletes were adopted by youth cultures (think hip-hop and techno) carrying the casual pants from the basketball court to the dance floor of clubs in the 80s and from the couch to the runway at the beginning of the 21st century.

Whether it’s US Army style shorts finished with your band logo, hotpants for the beach or comfortable jogging pants for your workout, Strict offers a wide variety of raw materials and advice on a high-quality finish for all options.
Gym Bag / Cotton Bag / Material Bag
The worst thing mothers from the 68 era could do to their kids was send them onto the street with a jute bag. In the worst case, this 35 x 40 cm disgrace served as a propaganda poster with the inscription “Jute not plastic”. When fashion designers got hold of the textile at the end of the 90s in order to lend their collections a practical and ecological accent, the item was still not socially acceptable.

Nearly 20 years later, the environmentally-conscious item has established itself as a timeless “all-time favorite” and the ability to wash and reuse the bag lends it a positive image. In conjunction with the right print motif, the cotton bag is one of the most significant advertising mediums of its time. The range is enormous including classic natural colors with short or long handles, neon colors made from polyester or even a black gym bag with a practical pull-tight handle. Ideal for quick shopping or the next festival outing. Together, we will find the right bag for your target group.
Baseball Cap / Beanie / Bandana
Baseball caps replaced the classic straw hat in baseball already by the middle of the 18th century to protect the players from the sun. The further developed concept enjoys great popularity in several types of sports to this day. Brought to the streets and to Europe in the 70s and 80s by the American skateboard scene, this headgear is a permanent component of uniforms and work gear. Having long since grown from a sports item to a fashion accessory, the choice of styles and sizing is huge.

When the temperatures dip below freezing, wool hats and beanies take their place in the wardrobe and on our heads. Whether in tubular form and made of jersey material or in classic sailor style made of wool and spandex. Strict regularly prints caps and bandanas with screen-print transfers. Our close partners can finish wool hats with an embroidery motif or leather patch.
Experimental (Baby Onesies / Loops / Scarves / Aprons / Beach Towels, etc.)
“Textile print!” This term does not just relate to t-shirts and cloth bags at Strict. You have the idea and we find the solution. From oversized beach towels to barbecue aprons with the promise: “The chef is grilling here” printed on the chest in bold. From warming jersey scarves to a cool pair of socks, in this day and age, classic fan items are no longer the only thing requested of us. Artists and fans always want to stand out from the crowd and continually discover new merchandise for themselves. This is good for us and our clients as we can both benefit from this wealth of ideas.

Small children’s items require special handling with regard to textile finishing. Strict works with environmentally friendly and hypoallergenic inks and our team keeps more than a watchful eye on the clean processing of these raw goods. We support you from creation to execution and have given black and white drawings the right color more than once.
Printing Process
Plastisol Inks
In classic textile screen-printing, we at Strict use durable plastisol inks from Sericol/Fujifilm. We prefer to work with the ON product line, which contains a minimal amount of plastic softeners.

The printing inks used by Strict are distinguished by their high color intensity and particularly good coverage. We apply printing ink onto the textile multiple times during processing, which prolongs the printing process but is essential for coverage and a quality printed image in accordance with our quality standards.

To be able to ensure a high radiance and brilliance of our printing inks, we principally underlay light colors on darker or mottled textile with a white preprint. For textiles with a high polyester content, we use a special bleed-resistant gray as the underlay to prevent the color of the textile from bleeding into the printed image while drying.
Discharge Inks
So-called discharge or etching inks offer a particularly pleasant feel and thus an improved comfort of wear. In the first step, they withdraw the base color from the fibers of the t-shirt and thus do not need any additional white preprint for good color intensity. The printed image is not noticeable as the fibers of the shirt are dyed. Discharge inks are particularly recommended for designs with a used look, which were conscientiously created in a retro style. Not every textile can be finished with this and the inks have a comparably short processing duration, which is why we calculate these special inks with appropriate surcharges.
Special Inks
Give the textile something special so the person wearing it feels like he or she is wearing a top brand. Give the print that certain something and don’t just throw ink onto a t-shirt. Both are part of the specialties of our ink lab. Gold foil, silver sheen or reflective print. Glitter, foam or neon ink. There is nothing that we have not already tried or are willing to try for you. You can find production samples in our 38 square meter showroom and we are confident we’ll have the right suggestion for your idea.
Screen Print Transfers
Looking for offbeat print positions? Our customers know no boundaries. On fully automatic machines, we are often faced with insolvable problems. But finishing via screen-print transfers is opening new possibilities. While maintaining consistent print quality, we can also print on difficult or double-layer areas as well as jacket pockets, hoods or over the zipper thanks to a workaround using transfer film and adhesive. The transfer film is printed inversely by us with plastisol inks and subsequently transferred to the textile with a hot press. The result? A printed image that looks great.
Flex & Digital Print
“Three shirts for the crew and one for the driver”… The request for a shirt for friends, club players, and employees is part of our daily business with textiles. Even if the production of single units is not part of our core business, we are happy to accommodate special requests. With the acquisition of cutting plotters and transfer presses in 2017, we further expanded our abilities to provide a comprehensive service. You can get pricing for flex or velvety flock film from us upon request, which is calculated according to the size of the motif. Thanks to our extensive network of reliable partners and suppliers, at Strict you will get the right person to talk to about the production of lighters, lanyards, and coffee cups.

Thanks to our extensive network of reliable partners and supplier, at Strict you will get the right person to talk to about the production of lighters, lanyards, and coffee cups.
Embroidery & Needle Work
Not every item can be ideally finished using screen-printing. Often times, a well done embroider looks more regal on a shirt than the printed version of the same company logo. The wool hat with your band logo should ultimately match your hoodie. Strict conscientiously advises you during implementation and works together with a long-term partner for needlework in Berlin. We collectively design and produce according to your vision. Whether it’s jean jackets with laser engraving or patches sewn on to a heavy metal tunic – we offer different options of further processing textiles upon request in collaboration with an expert sewing workshop.
Branding & Packaging
Printed Neck Label
Many of our textile suppliers offer raw goods with a neutral manufacturer logo in the neckline. There is only a small size label in the neck. Additional washing instructions for the textiles are located in the side or shoulder stitching of the shirts. This requirement, or a tear-away label for tearing out, is well suited for a printed neck label with your own brand-specific design. Furnish the inner print with your logo, your own washing instructions or your manufacture information. A QR code could refer directly to your own website or to download your next song and give the fan gear an additional incentive to be purchased. Try us on and see how we fit.
Care & Flag Label
To ensure recognition of your clothing brand and to give the textile the right look, your own label on the neck or hem is a good idea. Make your t-shirts into exactly what they were intended to be – unique and carefully designed cult objects. We organize the manufacturing of woven labels for you and handle replacing the manufacturer’s label with your own together with our sewing shop in Berlin. Quality and scheduling is prioritized so that everything lands in your online shop on time.
Hang Tags
Your business card directly on the t-shirt. By attaching your own hangtag on the neck label of the product, we elevate the status of the item. The identity of the brand or official merchandising is portrayed perfectly. Whether connected with a transparent nylon thread or with a textile thread made of natural fiber or black string, the hangtag offers an extra advertising surface. We are also glad to help with production in digital or offset printing.
Individual Packaging
To protect the finished printed item from environmental influences (such as spilled beer backstage) or to produce for resale within shop systems, we offer polybag packaging in conjunction with various workshops for disabled people in Berlin and Brandenburg. By adding a size and barcode sticker, you will have met the requirements of wholesalers. However, we understand this solution may not be for everyone. We principally support your ideas of not tucking a Fair Trade bio-cotton shirt into a plastic bag.
Barcode & Size Stickers
For online retail and wholesale, individual product stickers are often an unavoidable addition on the polybag. For a distinction in men’s and women’s fashion, it is possible to identify the items, e.g. in color. Sizes can also be difficult to identify after packaging. You supply the barcodes and we prepare your barcode stickers and take care that every item of your production is correctly marked. Size stickers are ready in our facilities and we can also implement individual requests and ideas on short-term notice in-house.
+++ Show me what your wearin’
and I’ll tell you who you are +++
Our awareness for clothing is in constant transition. Youth cultures come and go but always leave behind artifacts of the fashion and music of their time. Trends that were long thought to be dead return time and again, often experiencing a surprising revival two decades later. Clothing originally developed for the military, marine life or sports has proven to be a practical leisure and everyday companion, finding its way onto the streets, across the stage, and on the runway. But, when all is said and done, there is nothing better than that warm reminder of home in our favorite hoodie. For more than 10 years now, the team at Strict Textildruck has combined a huge degree of passion for merchandising with the necessary know-how for quality, first-class productions. We have been doing our part to support current trends and to get the ball rolling on new innovations. We can’t wait for the next 10 years and welcome the next fad or subculture. The one thing we’re sure of? T-shirts in black will always be popular!